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Further Than the Furthest Thing | Minack Theatre


On a remote island in the middle of the South Atlantic tremors disturb the surface of the volcanic lake, but the small population are more concerned with matters above ground. An outsider wants to build a factory that he says will bring work and prosperity to the whole community. However, not everyone agrees and some question his real motives? Behind this other, darker secrets lie concealed, waiting to erupt and blow the community and their way of life apart.

Further Than the Furthest Thing was inspired by the true story of the evacuation of Tristan da Cuhna. Loosely based on true life events, Zinnie Harris’s sensitive portrait of a community in crisis gives voice to all that is lost when two countrymen can no longer talk to each other without first making an appointment.


Cast  Catherine Cusack, Craig Edwards, Andrew French, Jack Brownridge-Kelly, Naomi Preston-Low

A Minack Theatre Production

Executive Director & Producer  Zoe Curnow

Assistant Producer  Sian Kennedy

Director  Sita Calvert-Ennals

Assistant Director  Roisin McCay-Hines

Designer  Rebecca Jane Wood

Sound Designer & Composer  Duncan Speakman

Lighting Designer  Lucy Gaskell

Stage Manager  Tim Norman

Assistant Stage Manager  Ellen Swailes

Costume Supervisor  Marion Harrison

Impeccable direction

- Jenni Barlow, Minack Review



The best piece of drama you will see in Cornwall this year

- John Brolly, Director

An outstanding production that makes the most of the stunning setting

- Audience Feedback

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