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A Midsummer Night's Dream | Bristol Old Vic / Malcolm X Centre


"The course of true love never did run smooth"

Set beneath a glittering, ethereal surface you will find Shakespeare’s dazzling play transformed into a macabre Edwardian fable. As night falls our slumbering players are swept up in an otherworldly experience, left to navigate fairy enchantments, lovers’ quarrels and patriarchal norms.

Through teasing, tyranny and trickery, familial ties become fraught and fractured; and with the early Suffrage movement creeping into the subconscious, it seems impossible to find a resolution by sunrise. This is a visionary and moralistic take on Shakespeare’s playful comedy – brimming with its original dramatic poetry.



Cast Hafsah Godsil, Oliver Hatfield, Martha Maloney, Callum Burn, Shaniya Hira, Molly Hanly, Che Tligui, Jesse Dunbar, Mira Edirisingha, Thomas Donnan, Niamh Keller, Laura Banks, Sol Taibi

Director Paul Chesterton

Assistant Directors Phoebe Kemp & Roisin McCay-Hines
Set Designer Vyshnavi Krishnan
Costume Designer Abigail Manard
Sound Designer Jude Fullwood
Lighting Designer Muir McFadden
Composer Roisin McCay-Hines
Musical Director Jonathan Grosberg
Fight Coordinator Jonathan Howell
Movement Coordinator Joêl Daniel
Intimacy Coordinator Clare Fox
Voice & Dialect Coach Joe Leat
Production Manager Maisy Harbert
Stage Manager Katrina-Summer Richards
Deputy Stage Manager Lydia Morgan
Assistant Stage Manager Chris Stuckey
Lighting Operator Emily South
Sound Operator Jude Fullwood
Prop Supervisor Jess Manley
Construction Manager Lewis Bamford
Costume Supervisor Eleanor Duncan

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