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Angelus Cast




Theatre With Teeth presents 'Angelus' by Patrick Swain.


Ireland. Red paint is cast against a window in the pouring rain. The mark is set. The Angelus are required by law to execute all prisoners. The Angelus are everywhere and everyone. A letter through the door becomes fear: you’ve been randomly selected, you will pull the lever.

Performed at the M&D Room and the London Theatre Workshop.


Directors Roshi Cowen & Megan Shepherd

Writer Patrick Swain 

Producer Meghan Kelly

Designer Nikhil Bolton-Patel

Production Associate Roisin McCay-Hines

Stage Manager Isabel Harrison

Assistant Stage Manager Rebecca Taylor

Technical Manager Charlie Joyce


Will Finn O'Riordain

Peter James Murphy

Grandpa Josh Smith

Seamus Harry Higginson

Diane Niamh Smith

Sam Chrissy Butler

Regan Jessica Thompson

"A bold and emphatic piece of new writing"


- Exposé

"This is a truly exciting premise, and one which translates the recent public appetite for dystopian novels into a theatrical context."

- Razz Magazine

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