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Mrs Buscombe's Brown Betty | Kneehigh Theatre


In April 1939, the Tywardreath Women’s Institute was founded. Mrs Buscombe’s favourite of the WI's monthly planned activities? Baking Brown Betty. She shared her baked goods with all who cared to ask, but that's not all she shared. Rumour has it, Mrs Buscombe has returned to wreak havoc with her gossip on the St Austell bay coast path...


A pop-up, promenade performance commissioned by Kneehigh Theatre as part of the Random Acts of Art festival.


Writer/Director Roisin McCay-Hines

Producer Esther Wilson

Dramaturg Anna Maria Murphy

Filmmaker Sebastian Pinkham

Photographer Steve Tanner

Mrs Buscombe Catrin Walker-Booth

With thanks to Kirsty Cotton & Helen Tiplady, Miracle Theatre and Nigel Hall (Author of Polkerris: A History of the Village and its Pilchard Fishery)

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