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The Floor is Lava

The Floor is Lava | Devonshire House



No Trouble. No Disobedience. No Questions.


In a world full of restricted libraries, hidden secrets and unanswered questions, the Guardians must contain the curiosity of the children and suppress their schemes in their hunt for answers.


Girls become mothers, boys become soldiers, and the gifted join the government in the fight against the enemy. Drastic measures must be taken to ensure they complete their education by the end of the year, and they must complete it together.


But will they conform, or will they rebel?

Writer  James Garbett
Director  Roisin McCay-Hines
Assistant Director  Sion Watkins
Producer  Siobhan O'Brien

Stage Manager  Katie Heard

Technical Manager  Nat Chan

Cast  Molly Barber, Tom Dean, Linxi Camellia Doël, Elspeth Lund, Callum Newens, Ben Pollard, Ruan Evans

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